The Civil War

The Civil War

Source: Detail, Septimus Winner, “Abraham’s Daughter,” J. H. Johnson, 10 North Seventh Street, publisher. Library of Congress, Rare Books and Special Collections Division, America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets.

If you want to see how the war affected business and advertising in Philadelphia, you should start at the Library Company of Philadelphia, with the John A. McAllister Collection of Civil War Era Printed Ephemera, Graphics and Manuscripts  McAllister, himself a member of a family whose business advertised and flourished for more than a century, earned the gratitude of historians by collecting more than fifty thousand pieces of Civil War ephemera. What is presented here is like a grain next to a bushel basket, but have a look.


Factory Conversion or Diversion

Palmer’s Patent Limbs

Incidents, Examples, and Aftermath

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